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Age UK Wandsworth - Advice & Support Service

This service offers benefits queries,Housing queries,Health and Disability advice,Help at Home,Care Home Advice,Leisure and Social activities and help filling in forms amongst other things such as Advice Worker Appointments,telephone advice,home visits and outreach sessions.

549 Old York Road, Wandsworth, London, SW18 1TQ
Area serviced:
Contact name:
Philippa Burns
Job title:
Advice & Support Service Coordinator
020 8877 8940
020 8877 8954

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Age UK has a vision of a world in which older people flourish. We aim to improve later life for everyone through our information and advice, campaigns, products, training and research.
Many are simply unaware of their eligibility, including a million plus low income pensioners who sadly fail to collect their pension credit. Contact one of these organisations for a full Benefit Check and we can help you claim benefits you're entitled to.
Organisations which can look into complaints you have made about a benefit agencies and/or challenge benefit decisions. If you think a decision about your benefits is wrong, you can ask the office that made the decision to explain it. You can also ask to get the decision reconsidered and, if you're still unhappy, you can appeal against the decision to an independent tribunal.
Housing Benefit is a means tested social security benefit in the UK that is intended to help meet Housing costs for rented accommodation.
Advice for people with housing enquiries.For example,if they are moving property,are waiting to be allocated a local authority property or feel that they are living in sub-standard accomodation.