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Age UK Wandsworth Out and About Service

The Out & About service provides occasional trips out to local places with the assistance of volunteers for older people who are housbound and are at risk of isolation.  This service is limited as it is delivered by volunteers but we aim to provide these outings to increase older people's contact within the community.  Trips out could include: A walk in a local park, One off shopping trips, An outing to deal with personal business, for instance to the bank or hairdresser, Doctor's and dentist's appointments, A trip to the cinema or a coffee shop.

The service, which is free, offers customers greater choice and independence, increasing their capacity to deal with the own affairs and to go where they want at a time to suit them.

020 8877 8940 between 10am - 4pm

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The Equality Act 2010 (EA) gives disabled people important rights of access to everyday services. Service providers have an obligation to make reasonable adjustments to premises or to the way they provide a service. Sometimes it just takes minor changes to make a service accessible.
Age UK has a vision of a world in which older people flourish. We aim to improve later life for everyone through our information and advice, campaigns, products, training and research.
Preventive care involves regular check-ups and screening tests to get an update on your health. If there are any warning signs of disease, regular preventive care will spot them early, which means earlier treatment and fewer complications. In addition to health screenings, there are proactive steps you can take to improve your chances of aging well, including developing a strategy to maintain your health. Lifestyle changes you can make, such as eating better, quitting smoking and starting (or maintaining) an exercise routine, you'll feel better and enjoy life longer Staying healthy is a collaborative effort between you and your doctor but it starts with you and your commitment to your health.
Entertainment and outings are provided by a number of clubs and organisations within Croydon and the surrounding areas.These can be easily accessed and more information can be obtained by contacting AGE UK or by calling the groups personally.
Volunteer for a community project. Help to improve your local area and the lives of local people by volunteering your time to work on community-based projects. Donating just a few hours each week can make a real difference within your local area.