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Mimosa Womens Support Group

The Mimosa Women’s Support Group is a a project open to all women of any background run by Battersea Central Methodist Mission.

Mimosa would like to provide a service for all women regardless of circumstances.  Our trips have a set price but our workshops do not.  We ask those who are able to do so, to contribute a voluntary donation of at least £3 for each workshop they attend.

A registration form must be completed before attending workshops or trips.  Newcomers very welcome!

Activities include Aromatherapy, Womens Health Group Lunch, Public Presentation Skills, Zumba

Zumba now at Dance Studio, Caius House,
2 Holman Road, SW11 3RL, Fridays 12 noon until 12.45pm

Mimosa Women’s Group, 2nd Floor, Battersea Central Mission,, 20-22 York Road, Battersea, , London , SW11 3QA
020 7585 2638 / 07460 384963
Opening times:
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

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