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AgeUKIG03 When Somone Dies

A step by Step Guide to What to do
Source: Age UK

AgeUKIG32 Bereavement - Support after a death

Support after a death
Source: Age UK

AgeUKIL8 How to be an Executor

What to expext and key responsibilities
Source: Age UK

FS14 Dealing with an Estate

When a person dies, somebody has to deal with their estate, collecting in the money, property and possessions, paying any debts and then distributing the estate to those entitled to it. This factsheet provides general information for personal representatives on how to carry out their duties. It includes information on what happens if someone hasn’t left a will.
Source: Age UK

FS27 Planning for your funeral

Highlightsthings to consider for planning ahead making financial and other services for your funeral
Source: Age UK
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For those who have unfortunately suffered a bereavement there are organisations who can provide financial and legal advice regarding monetary aspects and help regarding the making of the will of the deceased.The Corroners Court can also be contacted.