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AgeUKIG50 Pension Credit

Extra Money if you are on a low income
Source: Age UK

FS19 State Pension

The State Pension gives people of State Pension age a regular income to live on. The current State Pension age for men is 65 and the State Pension age for women is increasing from 60 so that it will be equalised with that for men by November 2018.
Source: Age UK

FS48 Pension Credit

What Pension Credit is and eligability criteria
Source: Age UK

FS56 Benefits for people under Pension Credit age

Source: Age UK
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Pension Credit started on 6th October 2003. It has two parts - the guarantee credit (which replaced Income Support (MIG) for people over 60) and the savings credit (which provides extra cash to people of 65 and over who have income over a set level because they have saved and/or have other pensions apart from the state pension). There is no upper savings limit for Pension Credit. £6,000 will be ignored and any savings over that amount will be assumed to produce an income of £1 a week for every £500 (or part of £500). The guarantee credit will top up your income to a set amount. The savings credit part of Pension Credit can be claimed by people of 65 and over and, for couples, only one person must have reached 65. The calculations, in particular for the savings credit, can be complex; so for more information see Age Concern’s Factsheet 48, Pension Credit or contact The Pension Credit line on 0800 99 1234 (free call). The Pension Centre 0845 60600265