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AgeUKIG07 Going into Hospital

Your rights when going into hospital
Source: Age UK

FS37 Hospital Discharge

How your discharge from Hospital should be managed following NHS treatment
Source: Age UK

FS76 Intermediate Care and Re-ablement

This factsheet explains intermediate care – a range of health and / or social care services that can be offered free of charge for periods up to and including six weeks - in order to avoid unnecessary admission to hospital, to support timely discharge from hospital, to avoid premature admission to long-term residential care and to promote faster recovery from illness.
Source: Age UK
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Before you are discharged from hospital, the nursing and medical staff will make an assessment of how well you will be able to manage when you return home. Other members of hospital staff who may be involved in the discharge planning process include: Occupational Therapist who will assess your needs in activities which you carry out every day - washing, dressing, cooking - and will provide advice and recommend equipment to make sure that your home environment is as safe as possible. Physiotherapist who will assess your mobility and recommend any equipment which might help you move more easily and safely. The Care Management Team within Mayday will assess your needs in other areas of your life and provide support, information and advice. There are a range of rehabilitative services available if an immediate return home is not possible. Discharge to a residential or nursing home placement will only be agreed if no other option is available. Others who may be involved could include dieticians or speech and language therapists, who may arrange for their colleagues working outside the hospital to continue any therapy which you have received whilst in hospital. Where nursing staff identify a need for ongoing nursing care - for example dressing a wound or giving injections - they may arrange for a community or practice nurse to continue treatment. If you have any concerns about how you might manage when you leave hospital, or if you would like further information about the discharge planning process please let the nursing staff on your ward know.